My Goals for 2016

I don’t make New Years resolutions instead I set yearly goals.  Below is the list of goals that I set for 2016.

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Prayer Journaling as an Act of Worship

Prayer journaling can be an act of worship for people who enjoy expressing themselves through the written word. It helps calm the mind, relax the body, and sort through frolicking thoughts. It will be as unique as the individual who incorporates it into his or her spiritual journey. I’ve found prayer journaling invaluable in my walk with the Lord. This is what it looks like in my life.

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As parents we often put our children’s needs before our own.  We are constantly giving and pouring out.  Running them to music lessons, sports, youth group, friends’ houses, work, etc. Our lives are focused on their needs and activities.  What little spare time we have goes to our jobs, churches, communities, and friends.  Our leftovers often go to our spouses.  (This is a blog post for another time!)  If we are not careful we become exhausted.  We’ve been pouring into the lives of other people leaving nothing for ourselves.  Soon the fountain begins to dry up and there is nothing left to pour out.

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