We are each a beautiful part of planet earth’s flower garden. Our differences and individuality make us special and unique. We would not want to look the same, see things the same, or be the same. Let’s embrace each other’s differences. Listen to each other, learn from each other, and love and care for each other.

Sue's Nook

Together we march,
showing solidarity,
God’s flower garden.

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The Fall of a Nation

“Master, they are so strong, powerful, and united.  We can never defeat them.”

“Oh, there is a way.  We send in Greed, Jealousy, Deceit,  Unforgiveness, Hate, and Anger.  They will wreak havoc causing distrust and division.  Without unity, love, and respect for each other even the greatest of nations will destroy itself.”

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Ode to Politicians

I wrote this last year but I feel it’s even more applicable to this year’s political climate. My wish and prayer is that all people would strive for exemplary communication skills and learn to exercise love, grace, and compassion to all human beings. Each person and culture has much to offer humanity. We lose so much when we let bickering, racism, hate, and fear control our lives.

Sue's Nook

Hissing, spitting, fighting cats,
republicans and democrats,
hammering and building walls
constructing them thick, strong, and tall.

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