Tale of a Mighty Oak

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Tale of a Mighty Oak
By Susan Witmer Miller

The young oak stood strong, sturdy, and confident on the banks of a lively bubbling brook. A vibrant tree with lush deep green foliage and a deep strong healthy root system, she stood alone yet was never lonely. The brook was a merry little chap … always singing a lively happy tune as his waters danced along, heading toward their ocean adventures. The tree would nod her head to his lighthearted melodies as she contentedly listened to the praises he sang to his Creator.

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Guide (FMF)

I struggle with depression and to a lesser degree anxiety.  It has never kept me in bed but it has kept me in my house and I have struggled some with destructive thoughts.  As a Christian, I’ve been blessed to have a Guide through all of this.  Jesus Christ, my Savior, King, Advocate, and Deliverer.  He has helped me persevere in this battle and survive it.  He has fought by my side and even fought for me.  Because of Him, I am an overcomer!  Some will say that He is my crutch.  Some will say that I am weak or believe in fairy tales.  Some will say that believing there is a God and believing in Jesus is proof that I’m mentally ill.  I don’t care what others say.  I just know what I’ve lived.  I know the hell that the darkness of depression is, and how even during that deepest darkest time when I was living life in a deep dark fog and feeling alone, He was there holding me.  I could feel His presence in the midst of the darkness.  He was the small dim flicker of hope in that deep, cold, dark dungeon of despair that I was stuck in.   Continue reading