Chippy’s Joke (Monday Morning Mumblings)

“Chip.  Chip, chip, chip, chip.  Chip.  Chip, chip, chip, chip.”  Chippy sat on the edge of the oregano pot singing his “good morning” song.  Mr. Sun was just peeking over the horizon and Chippy could feel that this was going to be a wonderful Monday.

“Chip.  Chip, chip, chip, chip.  Chip.  Chip, chip, chip, chip.” Chippy happily sang again as the early morning spring breeze skipped by and playfully ruffled his fur.

“CHIP! CHIP!  Chip, chip, chip, chip!  CHIP! CHIP!  Chip, chip, chip, chip!” Chippy sang louder looking toward the house.  The curtains were still closed.  She must not be awake yet.  Maybe he wasn’t singing loud enough.

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Monday Morning Mumblings – Heart Problems

They say “It’s a gun Problem!”
But what if it is really a heart problem?
What would happen if…instead of arguing over guns…
We would all show compassion to each other,
Listen to each other,
Spend that time learning to know our neighbors
Spent time visiting with them,
And took the time to sit down and talk with the strange,
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Monday Morning Mumblings – Thoughts

Since I have been so neglectful of my blog, I decided to create a new theme for Mondays that I’ll call “Monday Morning Mumblings.”  I’m going to take the “Morning Pages” idea and apply it to my blog.  So, “Monday Morning Mumblings” are my unedited thoughts straight from brain to the computer — misspellings and all!  Hopefully, these weekly posts will help me get back into regular blogging.  So here is my first “Monday Morning Mumblings”:
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