Autumn Travels


Let’s sneak back in time
And discover the treasures,
Tales, hamlets, and memories
Of the yesteryears.


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A Poem for My Mother-in-law

Early this morning a very special lady passed away. She welcomed me with open arms as a daughter when I married her son. She loved her grandkids and made it a tradition to come each year to watch the boys participate in the Pinewood Deby. We will greatly miss her here on earth but heaven has gained a beautiful jewel. I wrote the following poem that I wrote for her on Mother’s Day in 2014.

Sue's Nook

Hands that bless those
around you with:
beautiful quilted wall hangings,
warm beautiful quilts,
delicious home cooked meals seasoned with love,
and a warm welcoming home.

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Grandma Stauffer

Grandma was born on May sixth nineteen twenty-one;
Eight years before the Great Depression had begun.
She was not frivolous – no not at all;
Was thrifty and saving with the large and small.
She fed the hungry who came to her door;
Gave to missions and to the poor.
She made comforters for MCC;
Service to her Lord was as important as can be.

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