The King of the Universe

The King of the Universe
With arms wide open
Waits for your visit —

Longing for you to enter
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Monday Morning Mumblings – Heart Problems

They say “It’s a gun Problem!”
But what if it is really a heart problem?
What would happen if…instead of arguing over guns…
We would all show compassion to each other,
Listen to each other,
Spend that time learning to know our neighbors
Spent time visiting with them,
And took the time to sit down and talk with the strange,
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My Thoughts on the USA’s Elections

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want either Hillary or Trump to win this election.  When I vote for a candidate I do my own research.  I look into their past and what they stood for before they start running.  How they lived their lives in and out of public light morally and ethically. I don’t vote for a specific party.  I never have and I never will.   Continue reading


My heart aches as I look at our country and see the fear.  Fear and distrust towards those who are different than us. Those who may have a different religion, language, skin color, clothing, eat different foods, etc.  As I ponder on this I think of my Savior. What did he do? Did he eschew those who were different than him? No, he embraced them, ate with them, went out of his way to walk through their towns. Would he have built a wall? Made laws to close his borders to them? No, he would have washed their feet, invited them into his home, and listened to their stories. Fear breeds racism and division. In our country’s past fear led to internment camps, reservations, and unjust laws that separated families. We must not let fear rule our lives. Fear leads to rise of dictatorships and slavery. It leads to more government regulations and chips away at our constitution. We must open our eyes and see our fellow humans beings for what they truly are — God’s wonderful and diverse flower garden. Below is a poem that I wrote on April 24, 2014.  It’s about our world — God’s flower garden.  Enjoy

Sue's Nook

Beautiful, dainty, unique
Dancing in the gentle spring breeze
Each dressed in a different colored gown
Their individuality adding majestic beauty to God’s canvas

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