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William’s tattered mop slapped the ground with a splash, a pool of soapy water and dirt from the linoleum floor mixed with the sharp smell of Clorox. Wrinkled hands pushed the handle forward and backward in perpetual motion. Worn leather shoes shoved the bucket along the halls of the over-priced health club. Echoes of fast […]

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Dyslxeic Poet

When I was in elementary school I was diagnosed as being, “slightly dyslexic.” They were a bit confused because I could read, though spelling and math was difficult for me. Letters and numbers liked to go to the wrong places. Words didn’t always behave when I was reading but I’d somehow learned to compensate for that early on. School was very difficult for me and I believed that I was stupid, though my parents and others told me differently. This past September, I wrote this poem about what dyslexia is like for me. I thought that I’d reblog it.

Because it’s a concrete poem the formatting is messed up in the little bit that you see below.  When you click to view the original post everything is readable. 🙂

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o u i n
words b n c g
around on pages

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