Lost in Life’s Rapids

2016-04-16 22.22.42
Life comes rushing
Like a flooded river
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Mr. Virus’ Frolic

I haven’t recently because our family has been under the weather and battling a virus. I thought I’d re-share a fun poem that I wrote a few years back when a similar virus came to visit our home.

Mr. Virus came to visit
One warm lovely winter day.
He knocked upon my door,
“Let me in! I want to play!”

To read the rest of the poem visit Mr. Virus’ Frolic


We are each a beautiful part of planet earth’s flower garden. Our differences and individuality make us special and unique. We would not want to look the same, see things the same, or be the same. Let’s embrace each other’s differences. Listen to each other, learn from each other, and love and care for each other.

Sue's Nook

Together we march,
showing solidarity,
God’s flower garden.

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My Thoughts on the USA’s Elections

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want either Hillary or Trump to win this election.  When I vote for a candidate I do my own research.  I look into their past and what they stood for before they start running.  How they lived their lives in and out of public light morally and ethically. I don’t vote for a specific party.  I never have and I never will.   Continue reading