My Daily Feast (FMF)

Daily I return
To the banquet table:
Nibble a bit on Proverbs,
Drink new wine freshly pressed
From the fruit of the Spirit,
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Prayer to the Master Weaver

Lord, the world’s gone mad.
It seems impossible
For, even you, to weave
Love out of hate,
Peace out of chaos,
Gladness from sorrow,
Joyfulness from despair,
And peacefulness from unforgiveness.
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Guide (FMF)

I struggle with depression and to a lesser degree anxiety.  It has never kept me in bed but it has kept me in my house and I have struggled some with destructive thoughts.  As a Christian, I’ve been blessed to have a Guide through all of this.  Jesus Christ, my Savior, King, Advocate, and Deliverer.  He has helped me persevere in this battle and survive it.  He has fought by my side and even fought for me.  Because of Him, I am an overcomer!  Some will say that He is my crutch.  Some will say that I am weak or believe in fairy tales.  Some will say that believing there is a God and believing in Jesus is proof that I’m mentally ill.  I don’t care what others say.  I just know what I’ve lived.  I know the hell that the darkness of depression is, and how even during that deepest darkest time when I was living life in a deep dark fog and feeling alone, He was there holding me.  I could feel His presence in the midst of the darkness.  He was the small dim flicker of hope in that deep, cold, dark dungeon of despair that I was stuck in.   Continue reading

I’m Trying (FMF)

I’m trying to
     Relax and not stress
          About my son’s grad party on Sunday
                    As long as there is food, fun, and fellowship
                              Everyone will enjoy themselves —
                                            Decorations or lack thereof don’t matter —

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