The King of the Universe

The King of the Universe
With arms wide open
Waits for your visit —

Longing for you to enter
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Prayer Journaling and More


IMG_5371 (2)

Since we are at the beginning of a new year, I thought that I would write a little bit about prayer journaling and share with you my word to live by in 2018.  First I’d like to talk about prayer journaling.  I’ve found it invaluable in my walk with the Lord. It has enriched and deepened my relationship with Him.  I’d like to share what it looks like in my life.

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Christianity, Abuse, and Divorce

I believe that many Christians are too quick to throw in the towel on marriage.  BUT there are times when one has every right to leave and even divorce their husband or wife.  Those cases are adultery, physical abuse, and emotional abuse.  For the most part the church is quick to help women escape physical abuse but emotional abuse is a different story.   Which is very sad to me.

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