Prayer to the Master Weaver

Lord, the world’s gone mad.
It seems impossible
For, even you, to weave
Love out of hate,
Peace out of chaos,
Gladness from sorrow,
Joyfulness from despair,
And peacefulness from unforgiveness.
You, Master Weaver,
Gather up all loose strands,
Place them in your loom,
Weaving them into a new
Beautiful masterpiece.

So, I sit here amidst the world’s chaos,
Handing you my pain, hurt, and sorrow
Fully trusting you to weave
My messy life
Into a beautiful masterpiece
That will bring glory and honor to you.

I choose to wait contently —
And fully surrender to you,
who’s my source of contentment
In today’s crazy world.
I search for blessings
Amidst my pain and sorrow.
I seek silence within the chaos.
I find contentment in the small things
That you send my way and fully trust
You, Master Weaver, to work
In and through me
To bless others who are broken,
Hurting, and feeling hopeless.


Today’s FMF prompt is Overcome.  While I didn’t use the word overcome in my poem, the theme is overcoming my own hurt, pain, and lack of trust, through surrendering it to the Lord, in order to allow Him to work through me so that I can bless others.


6 thoughts on “Prayer to the Master Weaver

  1. Good Morning Sue, how appropriate, that you should write this, at a time when what you wrote is facing me right now! Your title grabbed my attention when it popped up in the email. I was considered a Master Weaver of baskets, at least until my first spinal surgery 10 years ago, seemed to change all of that. It seems the world gives up on your during times like that. Now I found out 2 weeks ago, I must have a triple cervical fusion (life changing) yet again. I have to wonder and contemplate if the world will once again give up on me even more? I release tension through art of all kinds. That is when the “world” lets me. The biggest thing I face now is will I loose my freedom to drive, and what a life changing experience that will be.

    Thank you so much for your poem this morning.

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    • You’re welcome, Mitch. I’m glad that the poem ministered to you and brought you some comfort. I’m sorry that you are dealing with back pain and surgeries. I’ll add you to my prayer list and I’ll pray that you will not lose your ability to drive.

      I enjoy your visiting your blog and viewing your photography. I haven’t visited your site in a while because life got busy here and I haven’t been on much. But I do enjoy looking at your pictures and reading your posts. I’ll be praying for you, your arts and crafts, and your upcoming surgery. Have a blessed Saturday.

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