Lost in Life’s Rapids

2016-04-16 22.22.42
Life comes rushing
Like a flooded river
It’s rapids quickly snatching me
Tossing…churning…dunking me in whirlpools
Pushing me under and tossing me up again
Until…desperate and no longer knowing which end is up,
I pray for strength and reach out hoping to grasp the Steadfast Lifeline.

Life has been crazy over the last several months and sometimes I have felt as though I was being carried away in the rapids of a flooded river but I have a Lifeline and smaller lifelines.  The Lord is my major Lifeline and spending time with Him each day is essential for my sanity.  🙂  My other lifelines are making time for myself and the things I enjoy.  They include reading, writing (which I haven’t been doing much of), being outdoors in nature, getting together with friends, and attending my weekly writer’s group even when I haven’t written much.

When life gets crazy and you feel like you are drowning in the rapids of a flooded river, make the time to nurture yourself.  Remember, you are valuable, a precious treasure, and worth pampering and taking care of.  Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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