I’m Trying (FMF)

I’m trying to
     Relax and not stress
          About my son’s grad party on Sunday
                    As long as there is food, fun, and fellowship
                              Everyone will enjoy themselves —
                                            Decorations or lack thereof don’t matter —

My oldest son graduated from high school in May. We scheduled his party for August because there were so many grad parties in June. Now I’m wishing that we had held it in June because it would be over! LOL Planning larger parties and decorating is really not my thing. Cooking, baking, reading, hiking, sitting and absorbing nature, entertaining two or three people at a time, and…well, interverty activities like those are my things. Hosting larger groups of people brings out my anxiety. Add hosting it at another place and my anxiety is exacerbated. There ar e so many things that could go wrong or I could forget! LOL I just want to run away to a cabin in the mountains or a lonely spot beside to the ocean. Then I wouldn’t have to visit with tons of people, worry that I’ll forget something or not have enough food, or that something will go wrong.

So this week has been rather stressful for me. I’ve been doing a lot of self-talk and trying to stay calm, cool, and collected about this party. I’ve been telling myself that everything will work out fine and I’ll have plenty of food. I’ve been reminding myself that nobody is going to care how many decorations there are or if things are set up perfectly or in the right spots. The rooms don’t have to look cute or beautiful. His friends just want to visit, feel welcome, and have fun. They are just looking for food, fellowship, and fun. I’ve been reminding myself of that all week and telling myself to relax, breathe, and enjoy this wonderful moment in our lives.

“When anxiety was great within me,
             your consolation brought me joy.”
      Psalm 94:19 NIV


18 thoughts on “I’m Trying (FMF)

  1. Entertaining people in large groups is stressful!
    I’m sure it will all be lovely. My favorite part is the “after party” clean up time with my husband when the house is quiet and we discuss the party, our hands in dish water.
    Peace returned…
    Have fun 🙂

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  2. You will live through it. Our most fun is when there is a party, no need for fancy decorations. They sort of get lost in large rooms anyway. Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow, each day has enough trouble for itself! I write lists of things to help me remember. I just need to remember to check the list, and cross things off as they get done or put into my vehicle, or on the table. I have been known to serve a big meal, go to the refrigerator for the dessert and there sits the salad! I really need lists!

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  3. I agree, those kinds of occasions can be stressful and it’s easy to get caught up in all the details but, as you say, people just want to have fun spending time together. Hope it goes well and that you’re able to enjoy it!

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  4. I wish I were there to help you because I thrive on events like yours. However, I’ve been known (in younger years) to stress over the details and ruin the fun for my entire family. Not good. As you’ve so wisely been telling yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff. What everyone will remember is the smiles that greeted them, and the kindness that surrounded them in your family’s presence. Even the food will eventually be forgotten. YOU’VE GOT THIS. I’ll be praying for you. Enjoy!

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    • Thanks, Susan. I’m trying so hard to keep my anxiety hidden. I don’t want my son to look back on this and only remember a stressed out mom. I want him to remember a fun gathering of friends and family.

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  5. Parties are stressful and something may go wrong but don’t sweat the small stuff just enjoy this special time in his life and laugh and have fun. Take lots of pictures as this time will never come again. Have a great day.

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