Inspiration (FMF)


Inspiration is a puff of vapor…
A mist flitting around me
That I’m unable to grasp —
A wisp of steam
Twirling towards the heavens
Just out of my reach —
A fog enshrouding me
Unable to penetrate my mind —
An elusive specter
Dancing, tauntingly, just beyond my grasp.


Inspired by this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt: Inspire


6 thoughts on “Inspiration (FMF)

  1. I feel that same way sometimes as I sit at my desk with the blank screen and blinking cursor taunting me! It’s great when we can grab a hold of it and allow it to takes us to new places! Thanks for sharing these words with us! Happy Friday to you! (your neighbor at FMF)

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    • Yes, it is wonderful when we can grab a hold of it and allow it to take us to undiscovered places. This summer it seems to evade me more than guide me. LOL Thank you for your visit and comment, Rachel. 🙂

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  2. Yeah, I usta believe in inspiration. Nowadays (and for a while now) I just get up and start banging on the keys, regardless of whatever jibberish emerges. Then I save it into the “Work In Progress” file and look at it again, later.

    You might consider doing the Morning Pages practice, best outlined in The Artist’s Way by (I think) Julia Cameron.

    Waiting around for inspiration, I have come to discover, while occasionally worthwhile, is a fool’s game. Buckle down and just write. Sort it all out later.

    (Of course, this is easy for me, recently retired and currently recovering from surgery, to say)

    Good luck on the journey!

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    • Thanks so much for the ideas and the encouragement, Ron. I love the work in progress file idea. Writing just to write even if it’s gibberish may be a little more difficult for me but I like the idea and will give it a try!


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