Five Minute Friday – Worth


How much is another’s opinion worth to you?
Would you be willing to stand up and fight
for their right to voice it even
if it is different than
what you believe?


Or do you think
that those different than you
should keep their beliefs padlocked tight?
Is diversity only worth fighting
for if it aligns itself with your agenda?

Silence…Suppression…Sensorship…Iron Curtain…

Should those with different political views
or cultural and religious views
be forced to stay silent
and bow to what’s


Freedom’s demise…
When one group is padlocked
Another one will soon follow
Remember…nobody’s untouchable.
We’re all worthy.  No voice should ever be silenced.


This week’s Five Minute Friday’s prompt was Worth.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Worth

  1. I agree, everyone has a right to be heard, and I think things would be a lot better if we really made the effort to listen to those with different views and try to understand one another even when we disagree. Glad to be your FMF neighbour today.

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  2. We are selfish when we are unwilling to listen to another persons viewpoint. We don’t need to agree with the other person, but we should hear his or her opinion.


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