Scarecrow Dreams


I long to achieve
the impossible.  I dream
of using my brain
to teach humans how to show
each other love and respect.


(Tanka Prompt Challenge: Dreams & Achieved)



6 thoughts on “Scarecrow Dreams

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  2. A 2 tanka reply:

    had i the magic
    i would change hate to love
    peace would prevail
    respect for all the norm
    the good life configured

    your dream achieved
    my dreams if my magic worked
    a new way of life
    for you me the whole wide world
    pow… I wake my dream still fresh

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  3. Thank you for your message Sue, as I am new to this I dont think I had it set up right. Initially was quite nervous to allow comments incase it prompted some hostile responses as this is meant to be my therapy. But I have tried to amend some of the posts settings, time will tell if its worked. I love your writing’s and what a wonderful name xxxx love Sue (Talitha)

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    • Blogging is wonderful therapy. 🙂 That is why I started as well. I’ve only come across wonderful people here in the few years that I’ve been blogging. I hope that your experience is as pleasant as mine has been. Have a blessed day, Sue. 🙂


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