Child’s Nighttime Fears

I’m awake tonight
in a state of fright
shadows dancing in plain sight.
I’m unable to reach the light.
My heart is quivering,
my body shivering,
the house is slivering
in our fear
hoping that they won’t come near.
Shadows dipping
sometimes slipping
always skipping
to and fro.
“Please, shadows, won’t you go?”
I am shaking from head to toe.
Raising and dropping —
flipping and flopping —
they’re not stopping
their fearful ballet.
They fill my heart with dismay.
Will they dance until day?
Some are twirling
others are swirling
around my bed —
messing with my terrified head
as my heart fills with dread;
tomorrow morning I may be dead.
I am knackered from my fear.
I cry out mom will hear.
She’ll come and hold me near.



The Daily Prompt: knackered


23 thoughts on “Child’s Nighttime Fears

  1. Sorry, I didn’t realize you had night time fears when you were a child. I do remember praying with Steve that he would have good dreams and not bad dreams.

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    • No worries, Mom. I think all children have nighttime fears at one time or another. When I didn’t have a flashlight, I used to turn on lights in one room and then turn it off in the previous one all the way until I reached my room. I did this even into my teens.

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  2. Nice sound. I imagine that is how a child would experience something like that. Being “unable to reach the light” makes me think this could be part of a dream unless the child is too small to actually reach the light.

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    • Thank you, Frank. I didn’t think about it sounding like a dream but yes it could be or one of those half sleep half awake states where you try to move but are frozen. When I wrote it I was picturing a child trying to reach the lamp or flashlight near his/her bed but being to afraid to reach across the darkness to turn it on.

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