Books Vs. TV


Living words
Swallow me whole
Portal to lands unknown

Active pictures
Numbing the mind
Gobbling up my time





10 thoughts on “Books Vs. TV

    • In order to save money we don’t go with any service for our TV. So we can only watch DVDs. That helps cut down on the viewing but there is still the internet that can be a time killer for me. (Blogs and Facebook are what tend to draw me in)


      • I’m always threatening to downgrade, skip cable TV–but there are a lot of Christian programs I watch which are not available on the Internet, so for now I’ll keep it (I need all the church I can get!). And I confess there are other programs and movies I like too–being alone, TV is “company” 🙂

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      • I listen to a lot of Christian programs via podcasts while I’m cooking, cleaning, etc. so I can totally relate to the seeking nourishment aspect of it. 🙂


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