Ancient Wisdom

As I pushed my cart
past the laughing friends
sitting on the brown
wooden bench in front
of the grocery store,
their ancient wisdom
wafted towards me
and tickled my ears.

“You know that sayin’
‘a deaf husband and
a blind wife are
always a happy
couple?’ Well, that’s why
the wife and I are
laughing more these last
ten years than we did
the first fifty-one!”

“Because you can’t hear
her nagging and she
can’t see your messes?”

“Yep, you got that right!”

The boisterous sound
of their laughter rang
in my ears as I
stopped and studied the
fruits and vegetables.
I didn’t see the
produce but instead
the wrinkled faces
of two ancient men
with twinkling eyes,
heads full of wisdom,
hearts full of laughter,
and souls that loved life.



9 thoughts on “Ancient Wisdom

  1. Beautiful way of portraying the little joys of life in the form of words thanks for sharing it certainly was a joy to read it, according to your convenience please visit my blog and please my writings too would love to know what you think about them 😊

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  2. Great poem–and wisdom. I happen to know a couple–the husband is not completely sight-impaired, but significantly, and his wife is completely hearing impaired. I should ask if they ever have arguments πŸ™‚

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