Diamond Kisses


One March morning
     over burdened stratus clouds —
         longing for a resting place —
             crept down from the heavens

gazing longingly at the frozen fields,
     they hung low — indecisive —
         yearning to rest their weary
            work worn bodies
                 upon earth’s

having made their decision,
they settled themselves —
upon the wintry ground —
for their coveted siesta

respite achieved
    the clouds rubbed their drowsy eyes,
        arose and gazed around them
            at the

grateful for their reprieve
    they kissed the earth
        before returning to their labor
            leaving behind —
                where their lips touched —



12 thoughts on “Diamond Kisses

    • Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I was hoping people would pick up that I was going for the “wisps of cloud” ☁️ look. 😁


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