Grandpa’s Legacy (An elegy)

Granpa and Devin
You were a quiet man
with rough work worn hands
and laughter in your tired eyes.
Those twinkling laughing eyes
only  showed you a dim
foggy world during your lifetime
yet you never complained.
You didn’t see them as a handicap,
but chose to accept your partial blindness.
You were a man of perseverance —
a hardworking farmer who
often struggled to make ends meet —
yet, you never complained.
You embraced the challenges;
often with a twinkle in your eyes
and a whistle upon your lips.
You were a valiant warrior
who fought droughts, pests, and —
at the end of your life —
cancer, which finally conquered you.
In the last weeks of your life,
the twinkle left your eyes;
yet, they would light up,
just a bit, when I brought your
great grandchild for a visit.
He seemed to bring you peace
when you would hold him close.
Grandpa, you passed on into eternity
on Mother’s Day eighteen years ago.
I was able to be there with you,
along with your children and
your first great grandchild.
It was an honor to watch you
step out of this world into eternity.
Your faith in the Creator,
the firm foundation
which you built your life upon,
has been a wonderful gift to your children,
grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
You were a man of few words
but your gentle quiet spirit
and love for all of human kind
has touched many people all over the world
through your children and grandchildren.
Thank you for your legacy of
gentleness, kindness,  faith and love.
It lives on through those you’ve left behind.

Two more elegy poems:
Aunt Ellen
Grandma Stauffer


4 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Legacy (An elegy)

    • You’re welcome, Mom. ❤ I've been thinking about grandpa a lot lately as I look at the young man Devin has become and think about him graduating high school this year. I can't believe that next month it will be 18 years since he's passed away.


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