Take Time to Love


December has arrived
We are rushing to and fro —
Baking, shopping, preparing —
Constantly on the go.

But let us not forget
As we hurry through our days
That we are celebrating
Because Love came our way.

Love came to earth one day
Wrapped in human form.
He taught us how to live
So that lives could be transformed.

Now, let us take the time
To show mercy, grace and Love —
Sharing with those around us —
Kindness from Heaven above.


3 thoughts on “Take Time to Love

  1. A good thought, Take time to love, to be considerate, to make a phone call to a lonely person, take them out to lunch. I have time now that our family festivities are over. But it is good to slow down and take time to do all these things even when we are busy.

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    • Yes, It’s in the midst of those busiest times that we need to remember to take the time to pause, notice, listen, and relate to those who our lives touch even for a moment. I’e been trying to smile, stop, and share a kind word with those I pass by day to day. I have found that those who are the hardest to love and lash out at everyone have deeply buried pain and need kindness the most.


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