My Thoughts on the USA’s Elections

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t want either Hillary or Trump to win this election.  When I vote for a candidate I do my own research.  I look into their past and what they stood for before they start running.  How they lived their lives in and out of public light morally and ethically. I don’t vote for a specific party.  I never have and I never will.  Neither main candidate running represented my ethics and morals.  Oh, they may have talked a good talk but looking into how they lived their lives before running, neither walked a good walk. All this to say that I couldn’t (in good conscience) vote for either one.  I went to the polls and I voted my conscience.  I have no regrets and would vote the same way all over again. 🙂

This morning, I have a clear conscience and I have hope.  I have hope because my hope is not in our earthly rulers. Our rulers will mess up, make decisions I don’t agree with, and likely let me down. As a Christian, my hope is in the Lord.  I will model my life after him, showing my fellow humans love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and kindness.  I will pray for our leaders and I will pray for Mr. Trump (and my nation) to seek righteousness, unity as well as to show kindness, respect, and love.  Change does not start in government offices.  Change starts with each person in the nation.  Change starts from bottom up rather than top down.  That is why I have hope because we, the people, can choose righteousness, unity, grace, mercy, respect, love, and kindness.

The Lord is my shield. He answers me from his Holy mountain and sustains me. I will not fear for He is with me. (My paraphrase of Psalm 3:3-6)


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