Gnome Countryside

I went on a hike one day,
Through a woods an hour away,
And met a man who likes to roam
Through the forest seeking gnomes.

That day he lead me far and wide
Trekking o’er the mountainside,
And though we walked to and fro
We saw no gnomes on the go.


We found a tree with a door,
Hidden paths on forest floor,
And a few signs on the ground,
But the gnomes we never found.


When you hike a woodland trail
Keep your eyes peeled really well
You may see a small gnome swing
Or hear a bell tinkling.


When in the forest take your time,
Climb a tree and explore the grime —
Contemplate near a stream
Taking time to think and dream.


The next time that you’re in the woods
Seeking treasures and finding goods,
Take the time to wander and roam
Then build the little gnome a home!


(If you are ever in Eastern Pennsylvania, I encourage you to stop in at Gnome Countryside.  Mr. Rich is a delightful guide who will leave you with a deeper love and appreciation for nature than you arrived with, as well as a greater appreciation for folk and fairy tales.  My sons and I visited there this past Tuesday with our homeschool group. I am very thankful that we took the time to stop by this delightful, imaginative, and magical spot.)


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