As I make breakfast
I watch the rising sun
Framed by the beach house window
It’s beauty is blotched by smudges
and filtered through an old filthy screen.

I silently ponder…

What do people see
When they took at me?
Do they see kindness,
Compassion and grace?
Or do dirt and grim
Smudge those desired traits?


Gazing from the balcony
With a hot coffee in hand
I try to watch the sun rise
From it’s ocean cradle.
My view is obstructed by
Wires and houses built by man.

And I ponder…

What obstructions in my life
Block people out, keeping them
At bay so that they can’t get
Close enough to notice my
Insecurities and flaws?
I continue to ponder…

Why keep them at a distance?

Wouldn’t it be best
To break down the walls
So that they can learn
Who I truly am…
Giving them a chance
To see and know me?

Once the barriers go …

The sun can shine in
And heal hurts and pain.
Authentic friendship
Can grow and flourish.
My life can become
an open landscape.



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