Petition for Justice (Worship Wednesday)


Lord, I seek for you,
among the tangled vines.
In this wild jungle,
I search for you.

The wicked man stalks the weak
who fall for his evil schemes.
He rejects your laws, O Lord.
“I’m indestructible!” he boasts.

Like a jaguar, he lies in wait,
his eyes seeking out the innocent.
He pounces on the helpless
who collapse under his strength.

Scorning you, he struts off;
his victim dangling from his mouth,
“God covers his face;
he’ll never notice!” he mocks.

Lord, don’t forget us!
Lift up your bow, O God!
Smite down the jaguar;
do not forget the helpless ones!

Don’t let the wicked prosper;
Don’t let his evil go unpunished!
Strike down the wicked man,
break the bones of the evil doer.

You, Lord, see our affliction –
you notice our grief and pain –
you listen to our cries
and defend the oppressed.

You defend the fatherless;
smiting their oppresses!
Reaching down, gathering us in your arms,
You encourage and protect us!


(“Petition for Justice” was based on Psalm 10)


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