The Fall of a Nation

“Master, they are so strong, powerful, and united.  We can never defeat them.”

“Oh, there is a way.  We send in Greed, Jealousy, Deceit,  Unforgiveness, Hate, and Anger.  They will wreak havoc causing distrust and division.  Without unity, love, and respect for each other even the greatest of nations will destroy itself.”

“What will we do while the insurgents are wreaking havoc, Great One?”

“Why, we just watch and wait while the nation self-destructs.  It’ll be great fun and quite amusing to witness.”

“But, what if they see through our plan and resist the insurgents?”

“The timing is perfect so that won’t happen.”

“But, Master, what if we have miscalculated and it does?

“You dare to doubt me???? I tell you it won’t!  But on the minuscule chance that we miscalculated, we go back home and try again after they have given birth to extremely entitled, apathetic, and lazy off-spring.  Eventually those traits are born into nations such as these making them conquerable.  I’ve witnessed this happening many times before throughout the centuries.  I know that enough of those traits are ingrained into this nation and our plan will succeed!  Come let’s go and release the insurgents.”



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