Healing Praise (Worship Wednesday)

Healing Praise

I cry out to you.
Out of the depth you drew me –
pulled me up from the pit –
saved me from Despair’s sharp claws.
You answered my cry for help.

I cried out to you.
Hearing my cry, you healed me.
Lifting me from death,
you, Lord, healed my hurt and pain.
You are my freedom and life.

Sing praise to the Lord!
Give thanks for His holiness!
Praise Him all the earth!
My tears linger for the night
but Dawn’s light brings me His joy!

My pain brought me strength.
Mourning turned into dancing!
You clothed me with joy
and placed praise upon my lips!
I’ll worship you forever!

(I based this poem  on Psalm 30)


Worship video Death Was Arrested by North Point InsideOut:


The story behind the song.


2 thoughts on “Healing Praise (Worship Wednesday)

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