Mrs. Bush


I know a human treasure –
Young in heart if not years –
Who has a heart of gold
And two patient listening ears.


When my teen mows her lawn
She gives him a snack and drink,
Then they sit and chat awhile;
She cares about what he thinks.


She has a thumb that’s green –
Grows flowers of all kinds –
Pansies, petunias, geraniums,
And any other plant she finds.


Her flowerbeds are immaculate –
The landscaping ship shape –
Her plants stand tall and proud
refusing to droop and drape.


Blessing and helping others,
Are what she’s all about.
The chow chow she makes for
is quickly sold out!


Compassion and generosity
in her life are intertwined –
Walking in her Savior‘s footsteps
he serves and blesses humankind.

(We had the pleasure of learning to know Mrs. Bush last year when my fifteen year old son started doing lawn work for her.  She’s a ninety-three year old lady with a radiant and youthful spirit.  Our lives have been richly blessed by her.  I took these pictures at Mrs. Bush’s home last week.  They are a very small sampling of the flowers and plants around her property.  Aren’t they beautiful?)


7 thoughts on “Mrs. Bush

  1. What a lovely poem with pretty pictures to go with it. Wow, 93! What a special relationship for your teen to be able to have. I have always been blessed by the wisdom and knowledge that older folks have shared with me, and I have a soft spot in my heart for the older folks. I’m sure your son will be blessed by this lady as well.

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