The Lavender Mystery (Haibun)

2016-05-31 09.26.42

It was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon in May. I walked around the flowerbeds showing my mom the new plants that I had added this spring. We stopped at the flowerbed in front of the house. I pointed out the stone border that my sons had added in April. Next our gaze and conversation moved to the plants. As we were talking about the salvia, it suddenly occurred to me that something was missing.  Searching my mind, trying to remember what I’d planted in that vacinity, I looked closer and noticed a

Lonely empty hole
Where I’d planted lavender.
Someone’s tasty meal?

Could the neighbor’s dog have taken it as payment for all the things she has drug into our yard and left behind as gifts? A squirrel digs around in that flowerbed each morning. Do squirrels eat lavender?  I highly doubt it.  Chippy the Chipmunk lives in a hole nearby. I noticed him sitting under the lily the day before watching me has I planted the lavender. The plant was too large for a little chipmunk to carry off so he can’t be the culprit. The Case of the Missing Lavender shall remain open indefinitely.


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