Unappreciated Uniqueness

My siblings and I are looked upon as the oddballs.  Our cousins stand tall, proud, and pearly white.  We, on the other hand, take our time, accomplishing our goals in our own unique ways.  Our growth and maturation is an example of this.  We start out growing like our relatives until we are little buds. Soon after the bud stage, our unique family trait shows itself.  This is when most of us start growing sideways.  It’s only a matter of time before we begin crowding our relatives together—forcing them to move. We are not trying to be rude.  Actually, we are a rather helpful group and would be excellent grinders if given the chance.  It’s just that our hosts jaws are often too small for us.  Since we tend to be creative folk, we find unique ways to survive, thrive, and erupt.

It often takes somewhere between fourteen to twenty years  before our unique growth patterns are noticed.  Unfortunately, when they finally notice our existence, they tend to be unappreciative of it.  Our host’s family will pay experts to take pictures of us, study us, and then advise them what to do about us.  Inevitably, our unappreciative host will pay someone hundreds of dollars to dig us out, root and all, and throw us away like useless garbage.  It seems that unique individuality is looked upon with contempt in this world.  We are despised, rejected, and thrown away.  They call us wisdom teeth so they must think us wise.  What use is our wisdom if it’s just tossed out with the trash?  Maybe wisdom is unappreciated in this upside down modern world.  That would explain why it is  so topsy-turvy and messed up.


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