Fay’s Dream

Before the guards could stop her, Fay boldly burst into the throne room and ran to the throne.  She fell before it with tears streaming down her face and implored the king to grant just one wish—the dream that she had carried in her heart for years.  The one the king had placed there.  The dream that everyone who knew her and her circumstances told her was impossible and would never come to fruition.

With compassion in his eyes, the king came to her, reached out his hands, and lifted her to her feet.  Looking deep into her eyes, directly into her soul he said, “Your dream will come true but only when the circumstances are right, daughter.  I will help it come to fruition.  Stop listening to the naysayers.  Continue to trust me and my timing.”

Daughter, he called her daughter.  Everything would be alright.  She bowed, thanked him, turned, and walked out of the throne room feeling lighter than she had in years.  The dream will one day come true; she had the king’s word.  He always fulfilled his promises.  Her part was to continue living up to the meaning of her name and trust her king.


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