A Kind Word (Haiku)

On a dreary day,
A kind word is a blanket,
Wrapping me in cheer.

A kind word brings life
To a dry and thirsty soul,
A fountain of love.

A gentle shower
Falling on anger’s embers,
Kindness smothers wrath.

A kind word brings hope
Soothing my tormented mind,
A wren’s cheerful song.

Nourishing my soul,
A kind word is a spring rain
To my parched spirit.





2 thoughts on “A Kind Word (Haiku)

  1. You are so right, a kind word goes far in this world, where people often doesn’t take time for kind words. We have so much to give, a kind word costs us nothing in money. It pays back much to us and to the person who receives it..

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    • Yes, I kind word has so much power, is life changing (even world changing), and yet takes very little time to utter. It’s a secret weapon that world leaders and politicians need to learn to use. 😉


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