Take Time (Didactic)

Take time
to smell the roses
they say
but I say…

Take time
to play with your children
they are young only
a short while

Take time
to listen to the hurting stranger
your compassion may bring
comfort and hope

Take time
to help the elderly person
get their groceries to the car
You may be the only patient person
they have met today

Take time
to tell your spouse about your day
and listen to them tell about theirs
you don’t know how long you have with them
life is short

Take time
to start that new hobby
if you don’t try it now
you may never
get around to it

Take time
to listen to the person
with whom you disagree
before voicing your opinion
you may learn something

Take time
to get to know the neighbor
who is from a different culture
knowing them will enrich your life
and change it for
the better

Take time
to absorb the diversity
of creation
walk in it
observe the
get to know them
love them
and your life
will be changed






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