Pokey Pig

Susan's Pictures 2015 and 2016 844
Image and post ©Susan Witmer Miller

Hello, my name is Pokey Pig
My tail is short
My dreams are big

But I am stuck inside this cage
I may look calm
Inside I rage

I long to scamper all about
This pen is snug
But I want OUT

There’s a big world for me to see
Gardens to till
Uproot a tree

I dream of nuts and roots to eat
Sun on my back
Grass for my feet

So open up the pigpen door
Please let me out
Free to explore





2 thoughts on “Pokey Pig

  1. Very cute. I don’t want Porky pig in my garden. He is just as happy in his pig pen, and safer there. If he appears in neighborhood gardens he will soon be ham and sausage.


    • Thanks, Mom. His name is Pokey Pig. Pokey is slang for a jail or prison. I was kind of playing with words when I named him for the poem. 🙂 I took this picture a few years ago at Sidney’s farm. 🙂


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