Birthday Dinner


My second born turned fifteen last Thursday.  It’s tradition in our home that the one celebrating their birthday chooses what they’d like to have for their main meal.  Earlier in the week, when asked what he wanted his meal to be, my son had told me to surprise him.  He was putting a lot of trust in me.  I could have made him fried worms, anchovy pizza, or another unique dish that he would find less than appetizing, but I was  kind.  Since our family enjoys cooking and eating international foods, I surprised him with an Indian meal.

Chapati and puris
(delicious breads),
matter gobi
(peas and cabbage),
murghi dopiaza
(chicken and onions –
I added spinach, too),
(a delicious yogurt drink)

For dessert:
(a delicious tea),
(a really sweet coconut cookie –
almost too sweet for me)
full stomachs
content family
another birthday celebrated
(This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge.)


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