From Trash to Treasure

Virginia Trip April 216 050
Old wagon wheel
Discarded trash
Left in the junk pile
To be consumed by rust

Old wagon wheel
Decorating a flower garden
Adding rustic beauty




8 thoughts on “From Trash to Treasure

  1. Like the poem, like the picture. Do you know what kind of wheel that really is? That is a wheel from an old horse drawn hay rake. I have ridden one of those bouncing, stiff riding monstrosities many times back years ago. Recently saw one of the rakes at an antique auction sell for several thousand dollars and those wheels decorate many flower beds here in West GA. You have a treasure,there…:)

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    • It is decorating my parents’ flowerbed. I think it once belonged to my grandfather and got handed down to my dad but I’m not 100% sure about that. I snapped the picture when I was visiting then last weekend. As I was looking at the picture I thought, “One person’s trash is another’s treasure,” and the poem came. πŸ™‚ I’m sure that the original owner would have laughed at the thought of one if their hay rake wheels decorating a flowerbed. They would never believe that it would one day be worth several thousand dollars! Thanks so much for your comment. I’ll pass the information on to my parents.


  2. Yes, Dad cut it off an old hay rake. We had no idea it is worth that much! I have another one on the side of the garage with a fall blooming clematis growing on it.

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