April is National Poetry Month

April is just a few days away and is National Poetry Month. I challenge you all to try your hand at writing poetry.

Writer’s Digest will have daily prompts during the month of April.

If you need ideas and inspiration, the Poetry Foundation website lists the different poetry forms and types.

If you plan to post a daily blog post you can register your blog at the National Poetry Writing Month website.  Be sure to visit the blogs listed and read the works of fellow poets. 🙂

Many people don’t think that they are able to write poetry.  I believe that every human has the ability to write poetry. It is my opinion that the Creator placed that ability deep within each of us.  We just need to find, nurture, exercise, and feed it and then watch it grow!  James Dickey and Judson Jerome seem to agree with me. 

“There is a poet in every man — real poet’s arrange to let him out” James Dickey

“One notion you should not worry about is whether you can ‘be’ a poet. You already are one. You were a poet in your crib when you babbled syllables for sheer pleasure, playing with their sounds and rhythms.” Judson Jerome

Find your inner poet, use the month of April to experiment, and have fun!  


9 thoughts on “April is National Poetry Month

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