Workaholic’s Ballad

2016-02-05 07.53.28


Running, rushing, day by day
I have no time to sit and stay
Must keep moving, if I may
Hurrying, scurrying life away

Feed the hamsters, dog, and cat
Feed my children, can’t forget that
Need to exercise, burn off that fat
Keep running the wheel like a rat

Working hard both day and night
Gotta keep moving ’cause finances are tight
Hold onto the job with all my might
Can’t let it get outta my sight

Running, rushing to and fro
Always somewhere I must go
There’s no time to take life slow
And watch the sun’s evening glow

If I take the time to stop
My little bubble just may pop
Then all my hopes and dreams will flop
I have no time my feet to prop

So, on and on and on I go
Running rushing to and fro
Holding tightly to my dough
But letting the most important things go…


5 thoughts on “Workaholic’s Ballad

  1. Oh, dear, this looks like an awful life! When you hit 70, you will just have to let some of these things go. The energy level drops! Take time for the most important things of life, God, your family and friends. Love you!!

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