Fences of the Heart

I wrote the following poem, “Fences of the Heart,” in response to my friend, Blue Moon Thinker’s, blog post titled The Amazing Appearing Fence. I originally posted it in her comment section. With her permission, I decided to clean it up and share it here. The first line is a direct quote from her post.  I have her permission to use it. 🙂


                      FENCES OF THE HEART

I pulled back the curtains and what did I see?
An amazing white fence peering at me.
It sprang up in hours – faster than a weed,
Or any other living thing growing from a seed.

As I reflect, pondering, on my life;
I wonder about the fences of division and strife.
They can easily be buried deep beneath the ground;
All of my relationships, they quickly can surround.

By the time I realize how they’re hurting me,
Finally decide that I want to be set free;
Their posts are driven deep into the soil of my heart,
And those deceptive fences are hard to tear apart.


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