Buster’s Lament

2016-01-23 11.44.50

They invited me to play with them.
They said it would be fun.
I followed them out the door;
Expecting to see the sun.

Wind and Snow, they greeted me.
Chilling my bones and toes.
I swear that Jack Frost is here
Nipping both my ears and nose.

Those boys who brought me out to play
Are nowhere to be found.
Earlier I saw three of them
Burying each other in the ground.

I wish that they would look my way
And see that I am through.
I’m ready to go where it’s warm.
Sleepthat’s what I’d rather do.


3 thoughts on “Buster’s Lament

    • He does look forlorn, doesn’t he? When I went out to take pictures I found him standing at the door. He was totally done and wanted in but nobody noticed. The younger boys were too busy burrying each other in the snow. Dh and my 17 year old were too busy clearing out the driveway. Then when the poor guy thought he finally found a person to let him in, he had to put up with me taking his picture first. He was probably feeling forgotton, misunderstood, and exasperated with the human race! LOL

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  1. I LOVE this! Poor Buster certainly does look like he is DONE. The poem is so cute and I could see our Labrador Retriever commiserating with Buster! The photo with the poem just makes it so complete!


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