The Dungeon of Self Doubt


Taking his sorcery chain, named Inferiority, Evil One binds the writer tightly and throws her into the deep dark dungeon he named Self-Doubt. Finished with his task, he locks the door and throws away the key.  He chuckles to himself murmuring,”She’s mine forever!”

Evil One had kept many others in Self Doubt before her.  These were scientists, artists, inventors, authors, future leaders…anyone with the ability to change the world for the better.  He caught them the same way he captured the writer and he tries to seize all World Changers.  Evil One is methodical.  He stalks each person; deliberately watching them memorizing each move.  When their guard is down he pounces on them, using the sorcery of Inferiority to bind them up tightly, and shoves them into the dungeon planning to keep them imprisoned in Self-Doubt for the rest of their lives.

The dungeon cell where the writer sits isn’t completely dark, there’s a tiny ray of Light beckoning through a small window high in the wall. If she sees the Light and chooses to follow Him, she will find freedom as many have before her.


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