No Time


Lord, I don’t have enough time
to spend with you today.
First, I need to feed my man
and send him on his way.

Next, I have to teach the boys
about the Golden rule
and the important subjects
that they must learn in school!

Then I have to bake a cake
for the firemen –
the meal is on Saturday –
today is when it fits in!

I can’t forget homeschool group –
which meets this afternoon –
the boys have to go to that!
Really! There is no room!

Then there is my class tonight –
called “The Value of You” –
See! My schedule is crazy!
So many things to do!

Oh, and I almost forgot,
I meet with Anne at four.
This schedule is so crazy…
I can’t take one thing more!

Now, listen, precious daughter,
From what my eyes can see,
You really can not afford
to NOT spend time with me!

Spend ten minutes at my feet
feasting on my Word.
Let me whisper in your ear –
I have wisdom unheard!

Yes, you need this time with me –
this special time for you!
It gives you the nourishment
so you can make it through!


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