Dyslxeic Poet

                  o u      i n    
words   b        n c       g
                                around on pages

letters getting mixde up
                                        in words
                          and some forgetting
                                                     to come
                                                                         o w
                                                                   d             n

confused homophones
                        sending the wrong word
                                                             there sentence

missing mispelled
                             words and misplaced
                                                          I’ve checked


One thought on “Dyslxeic Poet

  1. Reblogged this on Sue's Nook and commented:

    When I was in elementary school I was diagnosed as being, “slightly dyslexic.” They were a bit confused because I could read though spelling and math was difficult for me. Letters and numbers liked to go to the wrong places. They didn’t behave when I was reading either but I’d somehow learned to compensate. School was very difficult for me and I always felt as though I was stupid even though my parents and others told me differently. This past September, I wrote this poem about what dyslexia is like for me. I thought that I’d reblog it.


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