The Book List

Booklist pict

I saw a list the other day
Of books, I should have read for fun
Before I grew and matured
To the ripe age of twenty-one.

Tears streamed down my cheeks
Disappointment stung like a bee.
At the ancient age of forty-four,
That list was too late for me.

Oh, what is to become of me
Since I’ve missed some awesome books?
Will my brain dry up like a prune
and my face take on a grouchy look?

Will I be a grumpy old lady
Who scares off the neighbor kids?
Or one who drones on and on
About the price of canning lids?

I missed visiting so many lands –
Fairy, earth, space, and sea –
And meeting many different creatures
Now, what will become of me?

Visiting enchanted lands –
Places still unknown –
Is what keeps us young at heart
And interesting when we’re grown.

My place is on the book train –
Traveling through time and space –
I’d rather visit these missed lands late in life
Than sit with a frown upon my face!

I’ll never be too old
To read an ageless book
And discover a new treasure
While in my cozy nook.

Come along with me –
Board the reading train –
There are many lands awaiting
And fun adventures for us to gain!


4 thoughts on “The Book List

  1. What a beautiful poem. I suspect that if you are dancing though life in the arms of the Messiah you will not look like the person you just described. Keep on writing young lady!


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