A Grandmother’s Admonition

I was too busy on that first day of the week.
I had so much to do and a schedule to keep.
I didn’t see him, though he was right before my eyes.
I was too preoccupied when God went riding by.

Dancing through my head, were all the things I had to do
in order to prepare – the proper meal for you.
I was checking off my list which was a mile high
when, on a donkey, my Lord went riding by.

I saw them wave palm branches, dance, shout, and sing.
I heard them chant, “Hosanna! Hosanna, to the king!”
My worries overwhelmed me; they are why
I didn’t see the King of kings when he went riding by.

Let this be a warning to open up your heart.
Know the Word, be vigilant, serve others, do your part,
but keep a watchful look out for the King who reigns on high
then you will be prepared when he again comes riding by.


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