Life’s Pathway

As I’ve journeyed on this path through life,
I’ve trod on stones, moss and sand.
They’ve each presented challenges and strife;
refining me into who I am.

I’ve sauntered along on sunny days enjoying the coolness of the breeze;
and chopped my way through jungle grass, untangling the weeds.
I’ve climbed the mountain boulders, scraping up my knees,
and danced happily through the meadows, scattering the seeds.

I’ve valiantly battled the storms of life
and conquered the monster of depression.
I’ve untangled myself from the vines of strife
and bathed in the streams of compassion.

As I journeyed through the darkest hours
stumbling over boulders huge,
I had a source of strength and power,
Jesus Christ, my refuge.


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