Ode to Politicians

Hissing, spitting, fighting cats,
republicans and democrats,
hammering and building walls
constructing them thick, strong, and tall.

Excluding those who disagree
believing that you will be free.
Why don’t you put your mallets down?
Open your eyes and look around.

Absorb the diversity!
How boring our earth would be
if we thought and believed the same!
Stop all of your shifting blame!

Learn the skill of mediation;
better your communication!
Bury the hatchet, take up your tea;
learn to politely disagree!


One thought on “Ode to Politicians

  1. Reblogged this on Sue's Nook and commented:

    I wrote this last year but I feel it’s even more applicable to this year’s political climate. My wish and prayer is that all people would strive for exemplary communication skills and learn to exercise love, grace, and compassion to all human beings. Each person and culture and much to offer humanity. We loose so much when we let bickering, racism, hate and fear control our lives.


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