We Try

Drunken blows – harsh words
trying hard to disappear
child curled up


Warm glow of street light –
they snuggle beneath a box
trying to get warm.


Words jumping around –
eyes try to make them stay put –
Why won’t my brain work?

Inspired by Haiku Horizons’ prompt “try”


13 thoughts on “We Try

  1. Vivid and strong. Sadly, i “got” the first one – saw that child scared from the (parents?) fighting…That’s what I conjured. And then i saw two homeless people, maybe lovers, maybe not, portrayed in a classical style, in the moment haiku, And the last one could be several things, one form or another or a restless brain going from place to place not “woring” by focusing on one thing in a linear way…


    • You got them. 🙂

      What I pictured as I was writing them:
      #1- child trying to hide from his/her abuser
      #2 – homeless couple trying to get warm
      #3 – child frustrated with her/his dyslexia


  2. I can imagine the blows of the drunken husband on the abused wife; and the exchange of hard words as the abused mother struggles to run away with her baby clad on her chest to keep warm. This is a beautiful poem on an issue that is of great concern to many: domestic violence and spousal abuse.You’ve done a great job.


  3. How we would like to rub all ugliness and suffering out of this world. Very vivid imagery in this Haiku which is reality to many people.


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