I Had a Little Poem

I had a little poem
Frolicking through my head.
“Come and play with me!”
The little poem pled.

“Oh, poem, I would love to!”
I yearningly replied,
“But I have to finish canning.”
I concluded as I sighed.

That little poem teased me
His words waltzing through my mind –
Tempting me to stop and join him –
I was in a bind.

The sauce needed processing;
The poem was calling out to me,
But I finished canning,
Ignoring his enticing plea.

When the tomato sauce was in the jars,
I grabbed my paper and my pen,
I sat down at my desk to write,
But I couldn’t find my friend.

So if you’re busy working,
And a poem dances in your head,
Stop and entertain him
Before you find he’s fled.


5 thoughts on “I Had a Little Poem

    • It’s so frustrating when that happens, isn’t it? I should carry a little note book and pencil around in my back pocket. 😉 Thanks for your comment, Debbie. I’m sorry that I’m so late replying.


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